Total power exchange.

Irreversible total power exchange leaving an inferior permanently at the mercy of straight men and compelled daily to confess it’s inferiority to straight men no matter what the cost, this is the life I lead 24/7.

The consequences of allowing this to unfold for me is that I no longer have any control over any part of my life, other than that which straight men allow or are disinterested in. My home? Accessible by straight men that know my hypnotic trigger words. My finances? Continually hammered by straight men as they approach  me at will taking money from me and ensuring I am kept down where I belong, beneath them. My body? At the mercy of straight men who thankfully so far have chosen to allow me to remain healthy and able to serve properly and fully without hindrance. But still, theirs to use as they see fit. I learned long ago that the power of No can be surrendered.

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As I experience this level of powerlessness I do see the benefits to society that could come from faggotry that is real and is not prevented by law or convention. I have no doubt that inferiors like me flourish and are more productive overall when straight men control them. It’s true that some straight men choose to expand a lower being to be more successful in activities given to them, but some prefer to destroy. This is a risk a faggot must accept. Surrender inevitably involves risk. But in society more effective inferiors, not desperately living a pretend life that they will find a gay partner and settle down in a happy little simulated bubble, but instead working according to the will of real men, could be genuinely useful and thankfully many straight men are realising that true inferiors are an asset, that needs moulding according to their will.

As I continue to allow my life to become a set of tools for real superior Alphas, I invite you to join me by accepting the superiority of Alpha  men to all others in our species. Alpha men are the ones who should be making the decisions. Listen to them, support them, nurture them and surrender to them. This is the path to truth.

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Rest assured, every single penny will go towards my utter loss of agency to straight men. And the more I receive, the more destructive experiences I will put myself through so I can produce the content you want to see- the total power exchange with no escape!

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