My update

Here’s an update on how I’ve been serving a straight athelete for several months!

We’re over two months in to a contracted ownership situation. It’s been different serving a straight man who’s as busy as he is! Fitting into and around his life is part of my duty to Sir as my superior, Alpha and owner. So I’ve been working hard in all of the following areas to adjust adapt and submit to his every need! Subs might find this list helpful in their own submission.

  1. First and foremost I’ve been actively earning funds as hard as possible, since having contracted myself as property to my Owner, everything that was mine is now his. And working hard to ensure funds are available for your owner at any time in any way is essential in the long run if you’re to serve fully in every area of life. The way I’ve been going about this over the past few weeks is to take on the responsibility of things like his monthly car insurance payments, agreeing a new finance agreement on a better vehicle than the one he had, providing regular contributions to his food and entertainment budget. Anything is good and letting your owner guide you as to how he wants to use you is by far and away the best way to fulfill your obligations as an inferior.
  2. I’ve also been working on this body my Alpha now owns. Dropped most alcohol from my diet and lost a lot of weight exercising because I can serve better only when I’m fit enough to keep up!
  3. My owner has guided me into becoming more and more open about being his property, and pushed my boundaries without me anticipating or asking him to. Introducing me as his property to work colleagues, family, girlfriend, I’ve been outed gradually to most of the people around him. I’ve trusted this is what’s best for me and found it much easier to serve without anxiety when I don’t have to pretend I’m a real man anymore. I can just obey and serve.
  4. As always I’ve been using hypnotic content to ensure my mindset remains in submission to my owner and my own needs are secondary to his. I do this voluntarily because I find it helpful when I have my own desires surface to follow my instructions rather than simply behave like an animal and pursue my own urges destructively. It really is good for me to Obey.
  5. As you’d expect I’ve made sure I’m available at all times, so running errands has been crucial in ensuring my Owner has everything he needs. It’s been a gift to drive to see him at the drop of a hat with whatever items he needed me to source. Serving is joy for a sub and being in your Owner’s presence is pure heaven!
  6. The only instruction I’ve really struggled to follow is to not speak to other Alphas. Having served all straight men without question for such a long time previously (Check out my other posts) it’s been challenging resisting the natural urge to obey all Superior Alphas at all times. Now I actually have to ensure it’s my Owner’s instructions I follow first and foremost. I can’t simply allow other Alphas to draw me into submission. Loyalty is everything. So I have managed to resist my own compulsion to obey all Alphas, simply because doing so is obeying my Owner. Obedience is inexorable and my primary purpose after all!

I’ve also been working with other Subs to help clarify our place as inferiors in the modern world! If you’re a sub finding your way, feel free to hit me up so I can help lead you in the correct direction!

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