Submission in 2020

Unprecedented times. Perfect for exploring your complete submission to Straight Alpha Men!

I’ve been lucky so far this year. Despite lock-down in the UK, i still manage to serve a Straight Alpha man all day every day. He was here when the lock-down began and didn’t leave!

This particular Alpha is pretty consistent. Not phased by adapting to the circumstances he finds himself in, capable of self-management, before I knew it, he’d set up a home gym in the garden, using some light free-weights, ropes and the wooden frame on the side of the treehouse he’d already built when things were normal.

It’s a treehouse in the sense it’s a house in a tree. But of course it’s designed with other things in mind. It’s dry inside, there are windows on one side, an entrance hall with a partition and a bar-style window on one side, solid wall with no window on the other. There’s a hole in the floor in one corner which leads to a covered ‘basement’ underneath where I see a rack and various tying apparatus. And as we speak he’s fitting a ceramic urinal above the hole.

It hasn’t been said or even implied this may become where I live, I doubt that’s what he has in mind. But anything’s possible with an Alpha.

He’s not my owner. I’ve recently become contracted to a new Alpha, a straight footballer (that’s ‘Soccer player’ to the Yanks) with professional experience, and an utterly ruthless determination to milk inferiors for all they’re worth. And they’re in no short supply!

How I became contracted so quickly I’m not entirely sure. It was his idea. Once I’d confessed to him my history, I think he wanted to test out if what i was telling him was true. It’s a bit out there when a straight man first comes across a hypnotised Sub who cannot refuse straight men’s instructions.

A few orders fulfilled and he decided I was his. That was that, I signed the contract and now I don’t know what the future holds.

I don’t need to know. He is a real Alpha. He really will know best as things unfold what’s best for me, for him, for the world. And I submit. That’s what I was born to do.

The first time I meet him it’s a car wash he has demanded. Cleaning his car in front of his work place, his builder colleagues milling about, straight Alphas every single one. And they know. I can tell they know that I’m a Sub. He’s probably told them. They don’t exactly treat me differently, it’s just there’s a vibe. Like when I’m around they’re aware, and they’re conscious of everything I do or say. Almost like they’re waiting to see how a faggot behaves, unsure whether it’ll be obvious with everything i do or if it’s hidden behind the facade of normality, barely perceptible to them if they hadn’t been prepped.

There’s a genuine sense of uncharted territory and mystery in the air, and it seems to me it’s because each and every one is curious about what they might be able to do, say or experience. I feel like a 21st century muse. Some kind of living breathing focal point for one of the defining questions of our time. What is a man? What is an Alpha? And what do they do when they have an inferior so clearly willing to submit? Even Inferiors can dream.

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