Helping a straight Alpha dominate you

As an increasingly open inferior, I’ve learned that the more straightforward you are about what you really think and feel, the easier and faster it becomes to do what you are born to do.

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Part of my journey this year has been to openly serve as many straight or bi men as decide they want to use me. Until owned, it is liberating to enjoy the freedom to let go and simply be a man-servant, a tool and an object for a real man’s designs. The more you submit and accept total power exchange the more skilled you become in identifying the needs of an Alpha intuitively, and providing exactly what he needs.

And very recently I’ve begun to serve a younger Alpha, who responded to my invitation to use me however he wants to, with real interest. Inexperienced at dominating a man, this 19 year old who shall remain anonymous, is for all intents and purposes interested in women, and therefore mostly straight. However a sure-fire sign of his Alpha status is the fact that he tries stuff just to see what he likes and doesn’t care even one iota what anyone really thinks of what he does. As he pointed out to me last night after fucking a Milf with her husband present, he had no real interest in the man hated it when he tried to tell him what to do, but loved fucking the crap out of his wife and would go again anytime, despite the fact some dude is in the room. This was the first time he’d played with a couple, and at the age of 19 he seems so confident and certain of everything he does that you’d simply never know he’s a novice.

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Me being the faggot I’m becoming, and having served older more experienced straight men long-term, I can see just how fantastic this young man will be as he grows, not just as an Alpha, but as a human being. So for me to be permitted to serve him is different from anything I’ve done before and an opportunity like no other. Obviously, I’m putting my faggot heart and soul into it.

This turned me to thinking about how I could help him become more of what he so obviously already is. My initial approach was way too eager, suggesting this asking that, almost like I’d forgotten my place altogether. But after I calmed down a little I could see that what I needed to do was be patient and offer small but helpful suggestions only when appropriate, enjoying what a real man does naturally and letting him lead the way.

So I thought I’d put down in writing some things that seem to me to be useful things a new dominant might benefit from reading, if they’ve got an interest in the mind of a faggot and want to control it as effectively as possible right from the start.

And it’s a complicated question in some ways. Because yes there are some tried and tested methods that work for some faggots some of the time. But often, a fag will run away or try to escape when things seem too challenging or scary. And part of the process of truly breaking a fag, is to help them reach a place where running away seems like the worse option, and surrendering to their fate is really the only choice, in the end.

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Hardcore as that sounds, it is I think, at the root of how to control a fag long term, and for life. It does choose to keep following it’s path as the path unfolds before it, but ultimately, a fag needs showing the way. And sometimes needs pushing. Or dragging. It’s genuinely what’s best for it in the long run. An Alpha knows this deep down as does the fag. And it’s a question for the Alpha how gently or forcefully he leads the Fag along it’s inevitable path to servitude.

So for a new straight, or bi Alpha god, who wants to control a fag long term, I offer freely this advice.

  1. Understand from the very beginning, that deep down, that fag wants you to control it. It thinks about you hurting it. It thinks about it’s powerless in front of you, how vulnerable it is if you decided to destroy it. It wants you to take it over. It will change it’s mind at different times, naturally. It will struggle. It will scream. It will beg. It will cry. And might even fight or try to run. But it’s basically fighting with itself not entirely with you. It’s really a battle between it’s own misplaced desire for self-preservation, and it’s deep – seated need to surrender that power of it’s preservation, to an Alpha.  There’s no getting around this. It’s where the process can butt up against  society’s norms and acceptable practices time and again. But there’s a truth here that an Alpha will see for himself as he walks his own journey of Alpha-hood. And needs to be at the core of the whole process at least silently in the mind of the Alpha.
  2. A fag is motivated by sexual desire. A fag is also motivated by a desire to seek an Alpha’s approval in whatever tiny way he might manage it. These are two pillars of motivating a fag. Think about whether you’re going to allow it either. And if you are, under what circumstances and why. You can drive a fag near insane by refusing it what it needs. And it’s a very effective means of control, to hold back what it says it wants. Probably ultimately self-defeating if the inferior can seek what it needs elsewhere. But you don’t have to be fair about when it is or if it is ever allowed what it wants. In fact a truly broken fag may even give up it’s desire and need altogether if you make it. Some dominants like that. Some prefer to allow the fag it’s motivations. It keeps them loyal and also motivates them to be the best it can be. It gains a sense of satisfaction from the fact it does everything it does just to please it’s Alpha. This is going to be a decision for you as the Alpha and under developed fags often benefit from more satisfaction just to keep it on the path.
  3. What you do on any day, can change however you want it to. A fag does need routine and tasks, if you want to get the best out of it. But ultimately, the ONLY thing that really matters as an Alpha, is what you want as the Alpha.
  4. You may not get everything perfectly the way you want it early on. Don’t worry about it. A fag will forget things pretty quickly if you make it, and motivate it. So even if you don’t think that everything you’re doing / not doing is perfectly executed, doesn’t matter. Just keep upping your own game.

Now I could list out a whole host of activities that the fag may already have in it’s mind or that it’s already experienced. But honestly, you can find all sorts of stuff about what gets done to fags on the web in general. Some of it is more extreme than what I’ve come across in daily fag life, but again, it’s going to be up to you how you approach it, and that should be according to what you WANT. So I’ll stop here and maybe add a new blog soon about activities that fags often expect or look for signs of, to help it understand it’s a fag and that it’s owner is truly Alpha. For now, feel free to hit me up for any reason. I’m at your disposal. And thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “Helping a straight Alpha dominate you

  1. Hi you outlined perfectly how I feel about serving the alpha straight male in my life. Him being straight, He enjoys my being feminine and cross dressing for Him. I of course love doing all I can for His approval and His pleasure. He disciplines me if I disappoint Him in any way and I find enduring pain for His pleasure makes me respect Him as my Master even more. I look forward to reading more of your insights.


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