Why I accept hatred from real men

Seems like a really odd title in today’s tolerant and cooperative world. Why would someone accept that another person hates them? Why wouldn’t they resent that person and defend themselves in any way necessary? Perhaps try to persuade them to change their minds and understand the common things they share?

adult anger angry angry face
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In my experience, trying to force change in a real man is a total waste of time. Not only a waste of time, but inherently counter-productive. Presumptuous and wrong.

Ask yourself, what is my aim when I try to force my opinion on someone stronger than me? Why do I want someone to feel a certain way about me? What’s in it for me?

Will it relieve some fears? Will it help me feel more accepted? Will I feel more fulfilled as a result? Whatever the reason there’ll be a payoff. Some reason why it matters, depending on how evolved an individual’s perspective is.

In my case, I no longer feel the need to change another person’s feelings on any subject, especially how they feel about me. I in some ways understand why someone with different sexual proclivities, such as their interest in women, would be disgusted by the thoughts and desires that run through my mind and body. And even more angry when they realise that they are the object of many of them. They might consciously accept that they can do nothing about it, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it. And if it makes them angry, if it brings out a feeling of hate towards me, that’s any man’s genuine prerogative.

active adult air force angry
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I don’t hate what I am. In so far as I believe I’m what I’ve been made to be. And in that sense, the divine can’t really get it wrong. It’s part of a bigger picture. Part of something of which I’m only a part. There’s something kind of illogical about taking one part of the whole, and criticizing it on an intellectual level. Because it is just an act of dissection, of cutting apart, and therefore failing to see the bigger picture or understand the whole. You don’t hate a cow for having provided you with the steak on your plate.

But emotionally, it’s completely natural to experience emotions that don’t follow what your logical mind says you should, according to what society has decided right now, it wants you to think and feel. If a man hates me because I’m a faggot, that’s ok in my book. If a straight man decides he wants to show me that he hates me, use me and help me understand his perspective, I accept that’s his right. I submit and accept his place as a real straight Alpha man gives him insight I don’t have access to.

man sitting reading book
Photo by Muhammad Rifki Adiyanto on Pexels.com

I feel kind of honoured actually that he’s wiling to be honest with me. Because being honest and true with another sentience, is probably one of the most important things a real man can do. And I gain some minor satisfaction that in accepting him as he is, and not trying to change him, I’ve become a stronger version of a faggot than someone who seeks to force a real man to change. I’m actually growing to believe that a connection between a real man and a faggot may be one of the most primal and real connections that exists.

And I also have to accept, that without that passionate and deep hatred on the part of some real men towards my person, I might not have learned many of the truths I now come to accept. I might still be struggling to pretend to be something I’m not. And how unfulfilling and undesirable that now seems to me to be. Almost more disgusting a way of living to me now, as how I might appear to a real man.

I welcome the honest expression of a man’s perspective. Even if it’s detrimental to me.


Read about my recent service to two straight men. https://wp.me/pal3mY-h

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